Upcoming Town Projects

Posted on Thursday June 13, 2019
Over the next 2-4 months we have a number of projects going on around the Town!
  1. The Town will begin storm-water runoff repair along Coleman Drive on or before June 29th. The project entails the 8-foot extension of an existing 18-inch concrete pipe and the restoration of the road shoulder with rip-rap stone for erosion control.  
  2. Childers Street pipe installation project scheduled to begin after or on July 1st. The scope of work includes the installation of an additional 200-feet of 36-inch corrugated double wall pipe through the Smith Tributary (Creek).  
  3. The Town’s Street Improvement Program Phase XI is scheduled to begin in late July/August and includes the following streets: Lowman/Sharon Lane/Frank/Cross/Griffin.  
  4. The Town applied for a PARTF Grant to subsidize the planning and construction of the proposed 5-Acre Greenway. We’ve attached a copy of the Park Master Plan and property map on the Town’s website under "documents" for the public to review.  
  5. Due to last weekend’s heavy rainfall and in anticipation of the upcoming rain season, the Town will begin evaluating and prepping its network of drainage ditches throughout the community. We’ll keep the public informed as the process develops.